We are the authorised channel partners of KAESER Compressors (India) tapping West Tamil Nadu and entire Kerala. We provide sales and service to Kaeser Compressors and its accessories. Over 650 installations in our region, our motto is to provide quality service and best customer support.


KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Group is today one of the world's leading manufacturers of compressors and compressed air products. The company has a proficient sales and service organisation, with representatives in over hundred countries on all the world's continents. KAESER's headquarters is in Coburg, Germany, which is in northern Bavaria.

KAESER products are used by companies in all manufacturing sectors, regardless of the size of the operation. In INDIA, KAESER Compressors has its warehouse at Pune, Maharashtra. And they have channel partners all over India to deliver each and every segmentof our country.

KAESER compressors offers products, services and complete systems for the generation, treatment and delivery of energy in the form of compressed air. The system solutions aim at optimal economy and efficiency.

The innovative products and services of outstanding quality provided by KAESER assist the compressed air user in strengthening competitive capability. Continuous dialogue with customers is an essential part of concept development and continuous improvement in the total economy, efficiency, durability and utilisation of compressed air equipment. KAESER intends to consolidate its position among the world's leading suppliers of compressed air products and engineering and to continue to expand international sales and service facilities in order to optimise customer satisfaction.

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